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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A New Blog, A New Post



Two New Dolls

Meet Eliza and Violet... Violet is a smaller girl, about 11 inches tall, and Eliza is a full size doll at around 18 inches. They were both created using paper clay, wire armatures and mixed media. Violet prefers the forest and Eliza is from the city. Read their stories below...


Eliza’s forlorn expression is to be expected. She spends her entire day in front of a sewing machine doing piece work for pennies. She lives in a tenement with her sister and eight other young women, all stitching away at all hours of the day. She secretly dreams of leaving one day to become an artist, selling portraits on the boardwalk to make her rent.


Violet is a sweet girl who ran away from home to live in the forest. Her friend, the White Stag, accompanies her wherever she goes, educating her in the philosophy of the forest. In the spring she sings her beautiful song for the creatures of the wood, ushering in Spring and the promise of new life to come.

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  1. Love your dolls. Elongated necks and skinny arms and legs always captivate my attention. Big heads on skinny necks, they always make me smile.